Church architecture pertains to the architectural study of Christian buildings and churches. Christian architecture continues to evolve with time, imitation and innovation of other architectural styles as well as local traditions, changing beliefs, and local traditions. In the past, Christian churches are very large, prestigious and mostly great cathedrals with sublime architecture  present in every town and village. In the birth of 20th century, modern church architecture evolved, with the use of simpler lines, and concrete and steel materials. Churches that was constructed under the leadership of a  bishop have employed competent church architect for a style that is more refined as compared to parochial builders.


The status of basilica is given to churches containing famous objects of veneration and relics have become famous pilgrimage churches, and they are usually large. Many churches that were built were associated and named after famous saints, with local people embodying and living their qualities and lives, making them as their patron saints. There are important things you should know about Protestants' church architecture which relates to steeple, church bells, nave, chancel, baptistry, altar or communion table, stained glass windows, pulpit, and cross or crucifix. Steeple has different functions in addition to the church, wherein the vertical lines greatly helped in visually enhancing the lines of the church to direct the eyes of the church goers or viewers to the heavens. Steeples gave churches a feature that is aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the design's balance and harmony, and also providing a landmark for people to easily find the church from any part of the town. Church bells are most of the time located within the steeple, serving as a communication device for the local people. The ringing of church bells primarily signify that worshippers must gather together for a church service, and sometimes, it is used to give signal or warning to the people that there is fire or calamity, as well as used for secular purposes, and to tell people about an army that is approaching.  Know more about Dallas Church Design.



The principal and central part of any Christian church is termed as the nave, wherein it extends from the entrance or narthex to the pulpit area, presbytery, or the chancel. The front part of the church is called the chancel, where the service is conducted and this is the part where the choir and pastors are located on a raised dais. The altar or Communion table refers to the table that the clergy is using for the Communion rite. The part of the church where the  preacher delivers a sermon is called the pulpit. For more information about church architecture and to find an expert, experienced and reliable church architect in Dallas, feel free to check our website or homepage.  Visit if you have questions.